Commuter Baby.

We have officially decided on our daycare for baby E, and I’m feeling comfortable with the route we’ve chosen. We live an hour away from my school in the city, so I will be commuting- which added the stressful question of: What city will our child care be in? There’s pros and cons to both, and after weighing all of our options, we’ve settled on the ‘closer to school, in the city’ learning centre.



– my 2 hour commute each day will be spent with my favourite person
– if baby E is sick, I can be there immediately for him
– I can pop in to breastfeed
– the daycare can take baby E for 50 hours a week, and I can utilize all of that time working, rather than wasting 10 of it on a train
– the daycare on campus is perfect, and hits all of the important points I look for in child care (nutritious meals, cloth diaper friendly, outdoor play, educational. And having worked in research, I appreciate the research-based programs he’ll get to be apart of!)
– no late fees if there’s a delay with my commute
– we may be moving cities, but I will not be moving schools. This means that even if we move, we won’t be disrupting baby E’s routine too much (ie. won’t have to change daycares)
– I “feel” more comfortable knowing that baby E is just a few steps away from my lab


– if baby E is sick, poor guy will have to spend an hour commuting home
– daycare costs more in the city
– I can’t work from home or take a lazy day, unless I want to miss a day of paid daycare (pro & con?)
– if I’m running late at school, there’s no one in the city who can pick up baby E, which means I’ll have to abandon school at 6pm everyday, no matter what (pro & con?)

Although the thought of sending baby E to daycare still makes my heart tighten with anxiety, I’m glad we’ve chosen a daycare that I do feel very comfortable with. And now that daycare is all sorted out, I’m going to hug baby E extra tight until the day he goes!

– K.


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