Extra Cuddles.

Baby E is a huge cuddler. I cosleep for both naps and at night. I has it’s disadvantages of course- I don’t get as much work done around here- but I love the snuggles. I start back at school in September, which means this time alone cuddling is numbered. Cherishing each moment. 


– K.


3 thoughts on “Extra Cuddles.

  1. I co-sleep. He is four. I seriously thought. O by one I’ll start trying the nice crib I bought. By his 1st birthday I just though he is just so little. There is no way. I thought the same at 2 and 3. And now at four. I know it will be any day now and I am enjoying these little moments. More than likely by this time next year he will be in his nice new bed he hasn’t ever slept in and there won’t be anymore dinosaurs I find at 2 am or telling stories until he falls asleep. So I will enjoy it. All of it. Because they just grow up way too fast.


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