Beginning Minimalism.

I began my minimalist journey reading “The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up.” The premise of the book was simple enough- does this item bring me joy, or does it really truly serve a purpose? I began decluttering my clothes. I had so many cheap Forever 21 clothing that had fallen apart, and clothing that was too small but I wanted to hold on to “just in case,” and so much useless crap- I wear necklaces on occasion, so I really didn’t need (or want for that matter) the piles and piles of jewelry. And getting rid of stuff felt amazing. It was addictive! I felt lighter, my mind was clearer when I got dressed in the morning, and my mood was improved. I kept going, decluttering toys, shoes, bags, home décor, school supplies, books I would never read again, hair and body products, nail polish- I could go on! I went through everything. My home felt great. It was easier to clean, there was less clutter, and my son had easier access to all of his toys and ended up playing with more toys, despite now owning less.

I then started to question every purchase I made. Do I really want another cheap T-shirt I know I will throw out or donate next year? Of course not- that is such a waste. I’ve been investing in quality pieces that I love since starting this process. But mostly, I’ve significantly reduced shopping altogether. I’m still learning and adapting on my minimalist journey, but I’m happy with the progress I’ve made this far. I’ve been reading minimalist blogs, which have been really useful for finding tips on how to live a simple lifestyle. I’m hoping to post more posts on here about my journey, as I learn and grow as a minimalist.

This is the book in case you are interested!


– K.


3 thoughts on “Beginning Minimalism.

  1. Doing the same. Before i read that book I posted that I was considering doing what the start-up folks and the geniuses have done for years — pick one flattering, comfortable outfit, buy multiples of it and wear it every damn day — think Steve Jobs and Einstein. I’m not a shopper and forever on a budget and the youngest child in my family of origin so that means that I have been groomed to wear clothes because they have been given to me, or cheap, whether or not they suit me or fit well. No more of that. The book taught me that it is okay to discard something that is wearable but that simply should not be worn by me. I will only buy things that fit me well abd make me look good — not just “i can make this work. I can get away with this. It’s on clearance, second- hand or free and it doesn’t matter ig it’s a little big or the pants are slightly too short. I’ll wear a belt and it’ll hardly be noticed with flats.” No more. Nope. Having less stuff is more fun, actually.


    • I totally agree! I used to have 3 wardrobes packed with cheap clothing. Since I’ve read the book I’ve only been buying pieces I love. I’m a huge fan of Loft and J Crew, and I actually let myself buy items from there now (when I need them). I used to deem those stores too expensive, but now that I’m shopping significantly less, I can buy higher quality items that I love- and I’m spending way less money overall! Who knew being so “sale” focused actually was causing me to spend more!? I like the one outfit idea too. It would make morning so easy 🙂
      – Kate


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