Minimalism: Board Games.

I’ve made amazing progress on my decluttering, but I’ve recently hit my hardest category to reduce yet: board games.

We had two 7 ft tall bookcases filled with board games, and I’ve paired it down to about 40% of one bookcase. We still have too many, in my opinion, but this was my hardest challenge yet.

Growing up, my family and I always played board games together. My heart ached as I donated a game that brought back so many positive memories: Barney matching game, Arthur’s perfect library, Sorry, Scene It. I admit, it was really tough. And I miss those days of playing together with my family.

I hadn’t anticipated the board games to be such a sensitive topic. It was harder than my sons baby clothes! I found myself wanting to keep a lot of games for future family game nights. But, my son is 16 months. It’ll be ages before he reaches the appropriate ages for some of these games. I think I just want to relive the good times ~10 years from now. But does it make sense to store these games for that long!? Certainly not.

I still love playing board games today (Catan especially!), so I knew I would be keeping a few, but we’ve kept about 25 which is still too much. maxresdefault
I’m going to let it sit before I try and dive in to reduce again. Any tips are appreciated!

– Kate


4 thoughts on “Minimalism: Board Games.

  1. Oh my gosh, I hear you! Board games are definitely one of those things that you just hate to get rid of because you know that some day you can have some awesome family bonding with them! But I’m in the same boat as you. My daughter is 3 and my son is 9 months, and the games are currently more of a headache than fun because she wants to get them down and play them, but of course she’s way too young so she just makes a mess or gets upset when we say no… Such a challenge!! And yet we keep them… I also have a bunch that are antiques at this point since my family played them when I was growing up, so being family heirlooms like that, I can’t possibly get rid of them!


  2. I’m in a similar boat – my daughter’s almost two, so it’ll be a while before I’m playing Settlers with her, but it’ll also too late to play without her more than very occasionally, so it’s difficult to decide what to do with my board games. I’d be curious to hear more about how you decided on which stay and which go.


    • Hi Jack! Thanks for your comment. I totally hear you on how difficult it can be to play Catan with a young one around. We don’t get out to our friends’ house as much as we did pre-baby! I just made another post about which board games made the cut, in case you are interested.


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