Extra Cuddles.

Baby E is a huge cuddler. I cosleep for both naps and at night. I has it’s disadvantages of course- I don’t get as much work done around here- but I love the snuggles. I start back at school in September, which means this time alone cuddling is numbered. Cherishing each moment. 


– K.


Daydreamer: Stress Reduction Post #1

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I’ve been a little stressed lately. There have been lots of changes happening in my life, and my proposal writing is in full swing. One of my favourite ways to reduce stress is to take a short break and daydream. I imagine myself somewhere else and all the current stresses of today temporarily disappear. (I also use this technique before bed and I fall asleep very quickly!) These are a few of my favourite daydream escapes:

– being with my partner in the Maldives, staying in a cute little private hut. I imagine feeling the warmth heat of the sun, the silky sand between my toes, and taking a dip in the salt water ocean.

– picturing our first home and how I would decorate it. Pinterest helps fuel my creativity for this one. I picture a large backyard with a calming fountain, colourful playroom for baby E, and a big white kitchen for entertaining.

 – owning a cottage in Muskoka. My dream one day is to own a nice property up North where all my friends and family can visit. BBQ-ing, boating, and watching the kids play sounds like a perfect weekend retreat.

– my wedding. I imagine walking down the aisle, after ring bearer baby E, in my backless lace dress. I also imagine letting loose and dancing with my favourite people.

– soaking in a tub. I found this picture on Pinterest a while back and I found it to be so calming. Water has such a soothing effect on me and the view of nature brings internal peace.

What daydreams do you find relaxing? Where’s your happy place?

(Happy Gilmore reference, anyone?)

– K.

Hello, my name is Kate.

I completely bombed my first year of undergrad. I failed 3 courses, dropped 1, and landed myself a modest, very modest, 43% average. In hindsight, it was one of the greatest experiences to ever happen to me. My mom told me that university success did not equal success as a person, and I could go to college, straight into the workforce, or move back home to figure life out. Her unconditional support had me thinking, “What do I want? Why am I here? Am I in university because everyone else is?” After deep soul searching, I realized that I wanted to be there, I wanted to learn the information, and I was there to better myself. I also quickly learned that grades would not be handed to me on a silver platter. I worked my butt off, taught myself how to study, juggle university course load, and more than doubled my average since my rocky start.

My passion to learn still motivates me daily. I feel as though education is the key to solving a multitude of social issues and pursuing a career in research is how I can best help others. I applied to graduate school and was absolutely delighted to be accepted into my dream program.


Shortly after applying to graduate school, my long-term boyfriend and I discovered that we were pregnant. I navigated the awkward and stressful route of telling my brand new advisor the news, and postponing my grad school start date. 60 pounds, 10 months, 24 hours of inductions, and 1 emergency c-section later, my beautiful baby boy entered the world! With the support of my loving common-law husband, and tremendously selfless mother, I will be a graduate student mother in September 2015.

My first year of undergrad was an enormous challenge, and I anticipate my first year of graduate school to be an even bigger adjustment. As a young mom, I do not have many friends with babies (and even fewer with babies in graduate school!), and my intentions for this blog are to 1) meet other parents in graduate school as we navigate this busy, stressful, and rewarding time in our lives and 2) create a sanctuary for my student-mom rants to keep me sane!

I look forward to connecting with you!

– K.