Minimalism: Board Games, Part 2.


I recently posted about how difficult decluttering my board games were (toughest item yet!). To follow up from that post, I decided to reveal what board games made the cut:

1. Absolute Favourite Games that get lots of use:

– Settlers of Catan
– Settlers of Catan, Cities & Knights Expansion Pack
– Ticket to Ride
– Apples to Apples
– The Game of Things
– Taboo
– Risk
– Scattergories (I’m actually not a huge fan of this one, but it’s a favourite of my partner!)
– Seinfeld Scene-It (My favourite show!)
– Skip Bo (Card Game)

If you’re in the market for a good board game to play with friends, I definitely recommend any ones from this list!

2. Classic Games I Couldn’t Part with:

– Monopoly
– Clue
– Pictionary (Original, from before I was born!)

3. Games for Future Family Game Nights:
I admit- it may actually be a while before we play these games. My son isn’t currently old enough to play with us, and we rarely play these games with friends. However, I felt they were worth keeping for future family board game nights. These are all games I could see myself repurchasing in the future, and so I decided to keep them.

– The Game of Life
– Battleship
– Sequence
– Family Feud (DVD)
– Mad Gab
– Disney Scene It
– Apples to Apples Junior
– Comedy Movie Scene It
– Mastermind
– Yahtzee

4. Games for my Son that he’ll be able to play soon(ish):

– Snakes and Ladders
– Let’s Go Fishin’
– Disney Bingo
– Spot It (Card Game)
– Quiddler (Card Game)
– Twister

5. Never Used [yet] Category:

– ‘An Evening of Murder’ to host a Murder Mystery party (I seriously need to cross this off the bucket list)
– Smallworld. Recently received this one as a gift- but I’m very excited to give it a go! It got wonderful reviews
– ‘Boxers or Briefs’ – we’ve had this game for a looong time and have never played it. I think it was lost in the board game chaos, so I’m going to make an effect to try it out soon. It may be donated if we don’t enjoy it.

Total Games Kept: 32

So, what was donated? (40+ games)
– Duplicates. We had different Monopoly ‘themes’ that were all promptly donated. I kept one, and that was it!
– Children’s games that I predict my son wouldn’t like. For example, Barney’s Matching Game. My son doesn’t watch TV, so I can’t imagine him being excited by matching pictures of Barney.
– Games that we never play, and likely would never play in the future. ‘Scene It’ falls into this category. We never played because we never saw the movies that they tested us on, and likely never will.
– Games I just plain don’t like. I hate Sorry!, and we somehow had original Sorry and Disney Sorry. They both went along to donate.
– Damaged Games. There were a few DVD games that were scratched (i.e., Price is Right DVD game). Sadly, they had to go.
– Really ancient trivia games. We had 90’s Trivia Pursuit, but I was ages 0-10 during that decade and failed terribly at the trivia questions. My parents happily took that board game. We also donated “Simpson’s trivia”, because this trivia game wouldn’t include any of the new episodes if we ever did decided to play (and truthfully, we rarely watch Simpsons now).
– 10+ Decks of cards and poker chips. They were cheap plastic chips, and we never, ever, play poker. Maybe one day I’ll invest in a poker set, but not today.

And so that sums up my board game decluttering! We still kept a lot, but we really do play a lot, and I’m excited to have a succinct board game collection.

– Kate.





Minimalism: Board Games.

I’ve made amazing progress on my decluttering, but I’ve recently hit my hardest category to reduce yet: board games.

We had two 7 ft tall bookcases filled with board games, and I’ve paired it down to about 40% of one bookcase. We still have too many, in my opinion, but this was my hardest challenge yet.

Growing up, my family and I always played board games together. My heart ached as I donated a game that brought back so many positive memories: Barney matching game, Arthur’s perfect library, Sorry, Scene It. I admit, it was really tough. And I miss those days of playing together with my family.

I hadn’t anticipated the board games to be such a sensitive topic. It was harder than my sons baby clothes! I found myself wanting to keep a lot of games for future family game nights. But, my son is 16 months. It’ll be ages before he reaches the appropriate ages for some of these games. I think I just want to relive the good times ~10 years from now. But does it make sense to store these games for that long!? Certainly not.

I still love playing board games today (Catan especially!), so I knew I would be keeping a few, but we’ve kept about 25 which is still too much. maxresdefault
I’m going to let it sit before I try and dive in to reduce again. Any tips are appreciated!

– Kate

Beginning Minimalism.

I began my minimalist journey reading “The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up.” The premise of the book was simple enough- does this item bring me joy, or does it really truly serve a purpose? I began decluttering my clothes. I had so many cheap Forever 21 clothing that had fallen apart, and clothing that was too small but I wanted to hold on to “just in case,” and so much useless crap- I wear necklaces on occasion, so I really didn’t need (or want for that matter) the piles and piles of jewelry. And getting rid of stuff felt amazing. It was addictive! I felt lighter, my mind was clearer when I got dressed in the morning, and my mood was improved. I kept going, decluttering toys, shoes, bags, home décor, school supplies, books I would never read again, hair and body products, nail polish- I could go on! I went through everything. My home felt great. It was easier to clean, there was less clutter, and my son had easier access to all of his toys and ended up playing with more toys, despite now owning less.

I then started to question every purchase I made. Do I really want another cheap T-shirt I know I will throw out or donate next year? Of course not- that is such a waste. I’ve been investing in quality pieces that I love since starting this process. But mostly, I’ve significantly reduced shopping altogether. I’m still learning and adapting on my minimalist journey, but I’m happy with the progress I’ve made this far. I’ve been reading minimalist blogs, which have been really useful for finding tips on how to live a simple lifestyle. I’m hoping to post more posts on here about my journey, as I learn and grow as a minimalist.

This is the book in case you are interested!


– K.