Minimalism: Board Games.

I’ve made amazing progress on my decluttering, but I’ve recently hit my hardest category to reduce yet: board games.

We had two 7 ft tall bookcases filled with board games, and I’ve paired it down to about 40% of one bookcase. We still have too many, in my opinion, but this was my hardest challenge yet.

Growing up, my family and I always played board games together. My heart ached as I donated a game that brought back so many positive memories: Barney matching game, Arthur’s perfect library, Sorry, Scene It. I admit, it was really tough. And I miss those days of playing together with my family.

I hadn’t anticipated the board games to be such a sensitive topic. It was harder than my sons baby clothes! I found myself wanting to keep a lot of games for future family game nights. But, my son is 16 months. It’ll be ages before he reaches the appropriate ages for some of these games. I think I just want to relive the good times ~10 years from now. But does it make sense to store these games for that long!? Certainly not.

I still love playing board games today (Catan especially!), so I knew I would be keeping a few, but we’ve kept about 25 which is still too much. maxresdefault
I’m going to let it sit before I try and dive in to reduce again. Any tips are appreciated!

– Kate